The Great Aussie Caravan

Imagine if the Leyland Brothers collided with The Block - that's the essence of The Greatest Aussie Caravan, Australia's newest reality TV sensation.

Recently, I had the honour of stepping into the spotlight to introduce Van Go Collections to four dynamic husband-and-wife teams. These teams are set to compete fiercely, renovating four iconic retro 1970’s Australian caravans, all within the confines of one roof. Stay tuned as the journey unfolds, and witness the magic as these teams breathe new life into classic caravans, all while showcasing the versatility and style of Van Go Collections.

The Host - Richard Champion (Champs)

Richard Champion, renowned for his distinguished 14-year AFL football career, notably spent a decade with the Brisbane Bears/Brisbane Lions before retiring at the culmination of the 2000 season. Today, his captivating hosting prowess takes center stage as he leads The Greatest Aussie Caravan, captivating audiences with his innate charm and wit.

With a career spanning over 14 years as a Channel Seven personality, he graced screens across the nation, featuring prominently on beloved programs such as The Great South East while also helming the weekly Lotto presentations.

Adding another dimension to his multifaceted career, Richard maintains a vibrant presence as a musician, rocking stages with his band, the Filthy Animals, in between his hosting and sporting endeavors.

The Orange Team

Introducing Contestants 1 - The Orange Team, Hugh and Vikki, who are embarking on an exciting journey with Van Go Collections' Seasonal Collection in their 1972 Argonaut 22 ft Caravan.

Happily married for over 42 years, Hugh and Vikki have built a beautiful life together, raising three adult children and cherishing the joys of six grandchildren. While Hugh thrives as a skilled home handyman, Vikki's creative flair shines in her role as a graphic designer for a longstanding online scuba diving magazine.

Bound by their shared love for caravanning, Hugh and Vikki are eager to showcase their expertise in transforming the quintessential Aussie caravan. With their wealth of experience, they aim to inspire others with their renovation journey while infusing their unique style into every aspect of their beloved Argonaut caravan.

The Red Team

Introducing Contestants 2 - David and Natasa, who are ready to make waves with Van Go Collections' Iconic Collection with Green highlights in their vibrant Orange caravan.

David and Natasa epitomise the essence of a loving partnership, blessed with three wonderful children. David's expertise as a mechanical fitter is complemented by Natasa's compassionate care as a registered nurse, forming a dynamic duo in both their professional and personal lives.

Their journey into caravanning began in 2019 when they acquired their first second-hand van, igniting a passion for customisation and personalisation. Since then, they've reveled in infusing their unique style into every corner of their beloved caravan, transforming it into a cozy haven on wheels.

Dreaming of participating in the "Greatest Aussie Caravan" renovation has been a long-held aspiration for David and Natasa, and now, armed with their skills and enthusiasm, they are poised to bring their vision to life and leave a lasting impression on the competition.

The Blue Team

Introducing Contestants 3 - Nigel and Lisa, the Blue Team, ready to embark on their adventure with Van Go Collections' Destinations Collection in their Grey Van.

Nigel and Lisa's bond, strengthened over 15 years of marriage, is beautifully complemented by the presence of their twin daughters.

Lisa's keen eye for design and style seamlessly intertwines with Nigel's prowess as a skilled home handyman. Together, they form a formidable team, eager to tackle new challenges and embark on exciting journeys.

Despite never having experienced a caravan trip before, Nigel and Lisa harbor a deep-seated desire to explore Australia's vast landscapes with their beloved family. Their participation in the competition marks the beginning of a new chapter in their adventures, as they strive to create unforgettable memories on the open road.

The Green Team

Meet Contestants 4 - Peter and Suzie, the Green Team, ready to infuse their Purple van with the vibrant energy of Van Go Collections' Iconic Collection with Pale Blue highlight.

Peter and Suzie, a dynamic duo, epitomise versatility and passion in their pursuits. Suzie, once a nurse, now commands the bar at her local football club and dazzles thousands at summer music festivals nationwide. Meanwhile, Peter channels his expertise into his lawn mowing and garden maintenance business, while also lending his skills to the football club's bar during home games and private functions.

Their shared love for exploration finds expression in their travels, particularly to Southeast Asia, where they discover new cultures and flavors. Whether dining out or whipping up culinary delights at home, Peter and Suzie cherish every moment spent with their cherished friends, weaving a tapestry of unforgettable experiences.

With their combined zest for life and an eye for detail, Peter and Suzie are poised to transform their Purple van into a rolling masterpiece, ready to capture the essence of their adventures on the open road.

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