Just because we can’t travel right now doesn’t mean we can’t dream, right? Planning your next big adventure may be the project you need to keep you going during this time and give you something to look forward to when borders open again. Overseas travel may be a longer-term dream in the current climate, so why not get out and see our big, beautiful country first!

The big one to tick off the bucket list for many caravanners is the Big Lap, which is exactly that - a lap following the 15,000 kilometres of Highway One around Australia.


This mega road trip links almost all of our capital cities. Say your starting point is Victoria, then the Big Lap follows the coastline to Sydney, up along the coast towards Cairns, over to Darwin and Broome, down to Perth, across to Adelaide and Melbourne, over Bass Strait and down to Hobart. It really is a BIG lap!

You will experience pretty much everything that makes Australia so… well, Australian. From picturesque coastal towns to charming countryside, postcard-perfect beaches to lush green rainforest, stunning waterfalls to the dusty red outback, this road trip has it all.

Whether you head clockwise, anti-clockwise, do the whole lap, or even just part of it, it doesn’t matter…the point is to hit the road and just keep moving. The choice is yours, depending on your budget and how much time you have to spare.


No area has been untouched by COVID-19, however, the drought and bushfire affected areas have been hit especially hard. We encourage you to inject some much-needed money into these particular communities by shopping at small businesses along the way to help locals get back on their feet. Even if it’s just a takeaway coffee, every bit helps.


A few of our favourite spots along the way…


One of the country’s most scenic drives, this iconic road leads to rugged beaches, rainforests teeming with native wildlife, as well as bushwalking and biking trails. Or take in some culture by visiting the local museums, galleries and heritage sites.


There are so many places to explore in this stunning area just 90 minutes from Sydney, including various hiking tracks, gardens and waterfalls. Antiques, local markets, adventure activities and fine dining restaurants also make the Blue Mountains a must-see.


One of Queensland’s most remote towns, Birdsville is the authentic outback experience you’ve been dreaming of. Home to Big Red - the biggest sand dune in the Simpson Desert - and the annual Birdsville Races, you’ll be ready for a cold beer at the famous Birdsville Hotel at the end of the day.


Naturally, this depends on when travel restrictions are lifted, and when they are, there’ll be no stopping us! But if you’re looking to make the most of the good (dry and temperate) weather between April and September, anytime during these months is the perfect time to head off on your Big Lap adventure.

So, give yourself / your partner / your kids / your dog the trip of a lifetime and head off on what will surely be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have.

And, of course, don’t forget to pack all of your Van Go essentials for the road. For starters, you’ll need plates and bowls, tumblers, tea towels and aprons

Ok, a first aid kit, satellite phone and drinking water may also come in handy!

If you’re dreaming of your next big adventure, get planning and tick one off your list by becoming a Big Lapper.