Whilst researching new inspiration, I recently discovered the gorgeous Boler Trailers from stunning Canada and now I am totally besotted! So much so they have made it into our new designs to be released later this year. If you are not familiar with them, here is a brief history. After that, I am sure you will fall in love with them as much as I have.

History of Boler Trailers

"We’re the only company in North America producing fibreglass trailers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see our idea revolutionize the trailer industry.”

So said Ray Olecko, designer of the original Canadian Boler trailer – the famous “egg on wheels.”

Built together with mould maker Sandor Dusa, the Boler trailer was actually created for Olecko’s own family to use on caravan trips. The brief was simple – he wanted a small trailer that contained some home comforts; a fridge, stove and sink, as well as some cupboard space. The trailer also needed to have sleeping space for 4 people – a double bed to be created by lowering the rear dinette table, and bunk beds to be converted from the front gaucho. With all of this in mind, they first built a wooden mock-up, and later, a fibreglass prototype.

The prototype was completed after 3 months, and Olecko realised that they had a unique unit that would appeal to small families and small car owners. It was at this point – in 1968 – that they decided to go into production. So, Olecko and Dusa raised $5,000 and started their new travel trailer manufacturing business.

Initially, Olecko was met with dealer resistance, as the Boler was priced considerably higher than the aluminium trailers on the market. However, dealers were soon convinced after he simply picked up the hitch and pulled the trailer across the parking lot by himself! The dealers realised that a lightweight trailer would be popular with owners of the smaller cars that were popular at the time, and would be cheaper to run than other heavier trailers.

And thus, the Boler was born. Production increased steadily over the years, as the trailer grew in popularity, both in Canada and the U.S. In fact, 10,000 units of this super lightweight caravan were manufactured and sold between 1968 and 1988, and inspired many copycat trailers over the years.

Although the company was eventually sold in 1973, Boler trailers continue to live on under different names and companies. Their direct descendants are Scamp, Trillium and Casita, all still manufacturing lightweight fibreglass trailers that all started with the original Boler (Canada) and Boler American.

Today, the Bolers (and their imitators) have become sought after by baby boomers looking for a low-cost trailer for their retirement years, and hobbyists wishing to recreate their childhood memories. In short, Bolers are cool. Retro glamping is in, and Boler owners are taking immense pride in creating the most beautiful, personalised caravans around. 

Next time you’re on the road, see if you can spot an “egg on wheels”!

You can follow the journeys of the Boler Trailers featured above on Instagram.
Gorgeous @ollietheboler restored by the talented @wanderlustvintagetrailers, beautiful in blue - @beautheboler and if you are in Kelowna, Canada and want to stay in one - check out @luxecampokanagan 😀

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