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A must-have for any caravanning or camping trip, our caravan tote bags are strong and hardwearing - perfect for when the kids are on board!Whether you’re carrying groceries, extra clothing or beach toys, our exclusively designed, hand screen-printed tote bags will come in very handy, not only on holidays, but also for everyday life!These durable bags are made from reinforced Nylon Ripstop fabric and fold into their own built-in pocket for easy storage, so you will have plenty of room to take them wherever you go. Our caravan tote bags come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from simple and functional to decorative and personalised. Our design team offers a wide range of choices, and we always go above and beyond for our clients.

Our lead is a Graphic Designer and founded Van Go Collections from a desire to create beautiful designs for unique products, in a niche market about which she is passionate. Today, our collection features a wonderful range of caravan and boating-inspired designs on everything from mugs, to plates, tea towels, laundry and toiletry bagsand much, much more. Her knowledge is unparalleled and has extensive experience in the design industry! We live and breathe caravan accessories as we have a passion for camping, art and design so we really are the best combo for anyone seeking for a caravan tote bag online.

When you Google or hear the phrase “Buy caravan tote bag online” we are your best option, as we have immaculate tote bags that are durable and eco-friendly but also a secure and safe online marketplace that will allow you to rapidly checkout and buy items. Contact us today to speak with a member of staff for any questions, alternatively jump on our new website and start purchasing with our new and improved system.

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It features the most iconic caravans from countries around the globe, showcasing the designs that have made them so popular with caravan enthusiasts everywhere.

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... is our latest collection for the motorhome and campervan lovers.
Around the world, motorhomes and campervans are collectively known as campers.
No wonder everyone’s hopping on the camper craze; they're just so easy!

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