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Kids Fun Pack | Pale Blue

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This Kids Fun Pack really is a whole lot of fun, created with our favourite ‘Togetherness Partners’ for kids on the go or to enjoy at home. 

The coin purse will come in handy for pocket money when doing odd jobs at home for buying ice cream on future trips, while the drawing game will give the whole family hours of fun anytime, anywhere!

The travel journal is perfect for travel, but can also be used as a day to day diary of the current time. 

And who doesn’t love a bag of mixed lollies?

Gift pack contains:
1 x Van Go Collections Coin Purse
1 x Caravanning with Kids Travel Journal
1 x Samitomato Drawing Game
1 x TLUXAU 'Little Bag of Fun' Mixed Lollies

Pack Features

Van Go Collections Seasonal Collection Coin Purse

Exclusively designed in the shapes and colours of iconic caravans, our coin purses are unique, as well as practical.

Kids need ice cream money? Our zipped coin purses will come in very handy on any camping or caravan holiday.

Made from strong and durable polyester Oxford Canvas, they’re perfect to give as small gifts for friends and family.

Length 11cm | Width 2.5cm | Height 7.5cm

Caravanning with Kids Travel Journal

Whether you enjoy occasional overnight stays, weekends away, international adventures, months of adventures on the road or even sleepovers – The TRAVEL JOURNAL is packed with 92 journal pages to document your daily experiences.
Draw, write or attach a photo. The kids (and grown-ups) in your family will have a wonderful time documenting the highlights and happenings of each and every day (and looking back on the memories in the months and years to come – wire bound with a protective plastic sleeve).

Samitomato Drawing Game

The creative drawing game that’s fun for the whole family! With over 800,000 drawing options in edition one you’ll never be stuck for what to draw again!

Each drawing game pack contains 810 000 hilarious fun options to inspire children 4 yrs+ to draw with delight!

To play; separate the cards into four coloured piles, then roll the dice for a crazy fun task to draw! Like; 'a brave rainbow coloured bear skiing'.

This is a non competitive drawing game that can played alone, or in a group. It is designed to open up creativity in children and adults and to allow them to have a lot of silly fun with drawing! Pack includes dice and instructions, in an easy to pack in your handbag drawstring bag.

TLUXAU 'Little Bag of Fun' Mixed Lollies

Who doesn’t love a bag of mixed lollies? Every child needs a 'Little Bag of Fun' to enjoy as a special treat. This 110g bag of traditional mixed lollies comes complete with fun teeth, strawberries & cream, bananas, pineapples and all of the other favourites.